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One toe out of the Halfworld…..

It’s nearly here. The moment when I kiss goodbye to my days of anonymity and go live. I already have a reputation among my family and friends for transparency and it aint gonna stop now.

Will the stage grow? It had bloody better.

I was drawing this morning and watching Soul Surfer at the same time. I was drawing a white horse, I’m leaving the white bits white but anywhere there is a shadow, I am filling with glorious colour. I realised that purple, light purple, right next to white is the ideal shadow to make white glow the brightest. This is because purple sits opposite yellow on the colour wheel. There is no white on the colour wheel. If you SPIN the wheel it makes white.

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I love Soul Surfer, I’ve watched it SO many times I can’t bear to watch it any more unless I’m doing something else at the same time. Soul Surfer helps me want to try.

Like I said, my time is coming to go live. Time to drag the Halfworld with me into the real world, if I can.

Right now I only know how to be one place or the other.

C'mon in