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My first Job

A long time ago I got a job mowing lawns.

It wasn’t my first ever job. It was my first job since my breakdown three years ago.

I had been living with my parents for a few months, when I had been at my worst, then I found a place and was paying my way and driving and determined to find work locally.


I likened recovery with choosing to push a heavy boulder up a hill. I had accepted the challenge and knew I mustn’t let the boulder go, not for anything, lest it roll all the way back to the bottom.

My task is to reach the top of the mountain and to push the boulder over the other side – so it can roll to where it will.


I couldn’t afford to replace my car after it broke down, and lost my job.

I moved residence to my next job where I worked as a stablehand at a boutique horse stud and lived in a room with no furniture.

path 2

The isolation made me wilder.